Keeping up-to-date on public policy in today's fast-paced, complex political environment can create a significant strategic advantage to the well-positioned business or association. Businesses that do not engage policymakers often do so at their peril. Pierce Atwood's highly seasoned Government Relations lawyers are poised to help successfully monitor, navigate, and influence public policies that could impact business success. Advocacy, relationships, access to top quality legal expertise, and a command of the political process are the hallmarks of Pierce Atwood's Government Relations team.

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Law

Pierrel Research USA (Board of Pharmacy)

American Chemistry Council

Maine State Bar Association (Commission on Indigent Legal Services)

Hard-fought legislative victories often do not ensure success as statutory law regularly has to be implemented through rulemaking by the myriad agencies in Augusta.  The Governmental Relations team follows through on policy changes by working with agency staff during rulemaking and implementation of statutory reforms.  Additionally, this team has the expertise, supplemented with Pierce Atwood's stable of expert attorneys, to work with and appear before agencies in the context of regulatory permitting and licensing, enforcement and adjudication.  Relationships with key agency staff allow us to both know an agency's agenda and shape the implementation and enforcement of Maine law by our agencies. 

Association Representation

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

American Chemistry Council

American Council of Life Insurers

Maine Pulp and Paper Association

Maine Real Estate Development Association

Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants

The Government Relations team continuously reviews all proposed legislation and rulemaking, provides summaries and status reports of legislation of interest, prioritizes the key impact legislation and implements strategies to influence the outcome of key impact legislation or regulations.  Any association in the hands of Pierce Atwood's Government Relations team can rest assured that they are providing quality public policy benefits to their membership.

Campaign Law

Members of our Government Relations team have experience in the various aspects of Maine campaign law, from representing candidates, parties or campaigns to advising on referendum efforts. This, of course, also includes an understanding of Maine's ethics laws as they apply to those interested in formally "lobbying" in Augusta and those interested in making political contributions.

Government Contracting

Goold Health Systems

Any business contracting with a government agency is keenly interested in timely information about emerging opportunities, or up-and-coming issues or concerns affecting their contract performance. Our "on the ground" and "in the State House" Government Relations team is a partner in our clients' success in government contract work, constantly assessing new opportunities as well as opinions and reactions to the work being done.


AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Casella Waste Systems, Inc

Maine Pulp and Paper Industry

Nestle Waters North America Inc.

Sappi Fine Paper North America


Unitil Service Corporation

Staying informed and being able to educate are key skills to successful lobbying. The Government Relations team is attuned to policy trends and evolving issues and maintains close relationships with the Governor's office, Commissioners, legislative leaders and rank and file members, and regulators who affect public policy. We know the players who are apt to engage in a given issue, and our credibility and expertise, backed by a team of premier attorney specialty experts in the firm, present our client's issues and concerns effectively and credibly.

Public Relations Strategy

Unitil Service Corporation

Oftentimes, convincing policy makers is best done through communications outside the Capitol environment. As an organization engages in a public policy issue, Government Relations team will provide strategic advice to create an aligned and supportive public relations plan that enhances the organization's reputation and supports the messages needed to influence public policy outcomes.