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D1L - Maine Diversity Summer Associate Program

At the Pierce Atwood law firm, we value and respect the differences among all people, believe that our differences enhance our results, and recognize that only a diverse and inclusive workplace can provide the best ideas, the best resources, and the best people to serve our clients.

We believe that diversity means celebrating the differences among individuals. We value the unique characteristics, thoughts and experiences that are shared at our law firm every day. The ideals of diversity are integrated into our law firm's long-established guiding principles of creating a welcoming, caring, and enjoyable place for our attorneys and staff to work.

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An ethic of public service is deeply rooted in Pierce Atwood’s history and culture. The firm also has a long and proud history of supporting a wide range of nonprofit and charitable organizations in the various communities in which we live and work. We are proud that so many of our attorneys and staff devote their time to important causes and organizations.

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