Peter Guffin Presenter at MSMR Conference: EU’s General Data Protection Regulation - What Researchers Need to Know

Pierce Atwood Privacy & Data Security Practice Group Chair Peter J. Guffin will discuss GDPR’s impact on scientific research involving human subjects, highlighting the similarities and differences with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and the Common Rule, as well as its interplay with national laws in EU member states. Peter will discuss the issues of participant consent, the public interest (health) exception, and implementation of new procedures and practices required under the GDPR, including designation of a data protection officer, data protection impact assessments, rules regarding the reuse of personal data for research purposes, and notification and communication of personal data breach.

Please visit Massachusetts Society for Medical Research for more on Peter’s presentation, the complete conference agenda, and for registration instructions. MSMR’s goal is “to foster a better understanding of biomedicine by improving basic literacy in and enthusiasm for the biological sciences among the public, the media, and future generations.”

In addition to Peter’s data privacy practice, he is a Visiting Professor of Practice at the University of Maine School of Law, and co-director of the school’s Privacy Law Program. Peter is a frequent speaker and author on issues of privacy and cybersecurity.