Peter Guffin, Brooks Magratten, and Kyle Glover to Speak at Data Privacy and Security Seminars

You are cordially invited to join Pierce Atwood attorneys in two upcoming seminars that explore the changing landscape of data privacy and security laws and the increasing threats to information security.

DRI Data Breach and Privacy Law Seminar

September 11-12, 2014

Chicago, IL

This seminar will offer presentations from data security and privacy professionals who are at the forefront of cutting-edge data security and privacy issues, and from industry leaders who will provide valuable insight and practical experience.

Brooks R. Magratten, partner in charge of Pierce Atwood's Providence office and a member of DRI's Law Institute, will deliver the seminar’s welcome address. Peter J. Guffin, Chair of Pierce Atwood’s Intellectual Property & Technology Group, and head of the firm's Privacy & Data Security practice, will co-present the program, “Role of the Chief Privacy Officer and Information Governance.” Joining Peter in this presentation will be Unum’s Chief Privacy Officer, Timothy D. Smith.

Attendees will hear topics such as:

  • The anatomy of a cyberattack
  • Theories of civil liability for a data security breach
  • Developing a data security plan
  • Insurance coverage for data breach claims
  • The role of the general counsel in cybersecurity
  • Law firm data security ethical issues

Visit DRI Data Breach and Privacy Law Seminar for more information and registration instructions.

PRISM International 2014 International Data Protection Conference

September 18-19, 2014

Chicago, IL

In today’s world, the threats to information security are greater than ever before, and so is regulatory scrutiny over organizational practices. Records and information services management professionals are particularly at risk in light of the large volume of potentially sensitive information with which they are entrusted.

In this session, Pierce Atwood attorney Peter Guffin, firm data privacy and IP attorney Kyle J. Glover, and Vanguard Archives President Chris Pearson will provide a soup-to-nuts overview of the process of building and/or improving your organization’s Information Security Program from a legal perspective. Presenters will review important case law and regulations covering the records and information services industry in this area, as well as discuss pitfalls and best practices.

Visit PRISM International 2014 International Data Protection Conference for more information and registration instructions.