The Future of Natural Gas in New England

Oct 31: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
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Will the region embrace the use of natural gas in concert with increasing solar, wind, and battery storage, or tolerate “greening” of the fuel through increased production of renewable natural gas or biogas, hydrogen blending, and carbon capture coupled with technological advances that limit GHG emissions in the production area and pipeline facilities? Or will New England continue the trend of opposing any new natural gas transmission or storage projects and imposing local bans on natural gas appliances and new connections? 

Pierce Atwood energy partners Randy Rich and Sarah Tracy will be joined by natural gas expert Rick Smead of RBN Energy to dive into these questions. 

Additional Programming

Pierce Atwood's Energy team held a series of webinars covering current energy issues this fall. To view the recordings and materials from those programs, please visit the links below.