Pierce Atwood Launches New England and First Circuit Class Action Tracker

Pierce Atwood is pleased to present its inaugural edition of New England and First Circuit Class Action Tracker with a focus on the filings and decisions of the state and federal courts within the boundaries of the First Circuit in New England.

Covering class action filing trends over the past five years and into the first quarter of 2023, the tracker examines combined state and federal class action filings and the breakdown of federal court class action filings by case type and industry of the defendant. The tracker also analyzes class action filing trends among the various state and federal courts within New England. For recent class action decisions, the tracker provides a summary of class action decisions by federal courts in New England from the first quarter of 2023. Stay tuned for our next update at the close of the second quarter of 2023.

With decades of national class action experience and offices in every state within the First Circuit, our goal is to serve as a primary resource for companies that face class litigation in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, as well as to provide timely information about significant class action developments, and strategies and trends on a national level. For in-depth analysis and discussion, please visit our blog First Class Defense.

If you have any questions about the tracker, or trends you would like to see covered in future installments, please contact Melanie Conroy. To learn more about Pierce Atwood’s class action defense practice, please contact Gavin McCarthy.