New Hampshire Adopts Uniform Securities Act

Companies need not renew existing issuer-dealer licenses

On January 1, 2016, a newly-adopted Uniform Securities Act will take effect in New Hampshire. The NH Securities Act is based on the Uniform Securities Act of 2002, which is a model statute designed to increase coordination between state and federal securities schemes and to provide uniformity in state securities schemes around the country. Please click here to view the NH Securities Act.

Significantly, the NH Securities Act broadens certain commonly-used exemptions and eliminates the requirement that certain issuers obtain issuer-dealer licenses, which will make the capital-raising process and compliance in New Hampshire more efficient and straightforward. 

Based on guidance received from the New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation in connection with the NH Securities Act, companies currently holding issuer-dealer licenses do not need to send any notice of non-renewal before the end of the year (the licenses will automatically terminate), nor will they need to file annual financial statements with the Bureau for 2015.

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