A Real-Life Look at Buy-Sell Agreements - Jamie Baker Speaker at UNH Center for Family Business

Jamie Baker, an attorney in Pierce Atwood’s Business Practice Group participated in a panel discussing real life examples of buy-sell agreements – and how this type of essential business agreement works (or sometimes doesn’t).

In a program focused on owners of small, family, and closely held businesses, attendees will gain valuable insight into topics including:

  • How to avoid some of the most common pitfalls
  • Addressing all of the events that could trigger a buyout
  • Succession and estate planning strategies
  • Best practices for business valuations
  • How to ensure that a buyout can be fair and efficient for all parties

Please visit UNH Center for Family Business for more information and registration instructions. Pierce Atwood is pleased to be a sponsor of the UNH Center for Family Business, which offers services and information to entrepreneurial families.