Pierce Atwood Attorneys Contribute as Editors and Authors of ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits

The 2014 edition of the ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits has been released by the American Bar Association. Partner Brooks Magratten was again the editor for the publication and former firm attorneys Byrne Decker and Kyle Kirby contributed to the edition and were contributing authors on the First Circuit chapter.

The ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits is a go-to resource for attorneys needing to quickly familiarize themselves with ERISA law in any of the federal circuit courts. The 2014 edition includes:

  • Updated discussion of the most recent and leading ERISA cases by circuit
  • Analysis of the leading standard of review decisions
  • Recent ERISA discovery trends
  • Discussion of the Fiduciary Exception to the Attorney Client Privilege
  • Examination of disability claims based on the Risk of Relapse
  • Consideration of the consequences of a failure to make a timely request for administrative review
  • Review of circuit-by-circuit approaches to common plan and policy provisions

Brooks, partner in charge of the firm's Providence office, practices in Pierce Atwood's litigation group and has great depth of experience handling ERISA cases across the United States.