Kyle Noonan Speaker at 2024 Maine State Bar Association Summer Bar Conference: Aiding & Abetting Liability in Maine

Pierce Atwood litigation attorney Kyle Noonan will participate in a discussion on recent court decisions confirming that aiding and abetting tortious activity is a valid cause of action in Maine. Given the “recent vintage” of these decisions, and the lack of additional, more recent findings, this area of the law is “ripe for further litigation.” For lawyers, aiding and abetting law could be a highly useful tool to deploy on behalf of clients, but it also raises the possibility of attorney liability for the unwary. Please visit Maine State Bar Association for more information and registration instructions.

Pierce Atwood partner Kyle Noonan is a trial lawyer representing clients facing complex commercial litigation in state and federal courts and investigations by regulatory agencies. Kyle specializes in disputes involving intellectual property, including trade secrets and trademarks, control and contested decision-making in small businesses, and business torts.