Kyle Glover Chairs Faculty for MCLE Webinar: Contract Management for In-House & Outside Counsel

Kyle Glover, an attorney in Pierce Atwood’s Business Practice Group, will chair this Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program focused on “the frameworks, processes, and considerations that contribute to effective management of the contracting process for enterprises.” The program will provide a comprehensive overview of the contract management process, from “the initial considerations that go into establishing frameworks for contract negotiation, review, approval, and signature, to the actual process of negotiating a contract through execution, to the management of contracts and the relationships they underpin post-execution.”

Kyle’s legal practice specializes in contract negotiation, with a focus on contracts involving technology, software, or data. He is also a frequent presenter on the subjects of negotiation and conflict resolution and is a member of the Harvard Negotiation Institute, where he co-teaches a weeklong course on negotiation to mid-career professionals.

Please visit Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education for more information and registration instructions.