Kasey Boucher ANA Virtual Conference Panelist: Brands’ Legal Obligations when Using Influencers

Pierce Atwood associate Kasey Boucher will participate in this one-day virtual conference hosted by the Association of National Advertisers. The conference, titled “Brand Activation: Maximizing Influencer Marketing During COVID-19,” brings together social media marketers, brand managers, legal professionals, and others to discuss a range of topics related to brands and their use of influencers in their marketing and promotion plans.

Kasey’s program, presented alongside a digital marketer from ECCO USA, will focus on the brand’s – or ad agency’s - liability if the influencers they hire fail to disclose their relationships to the brand and make unsubstantiated claims on social media. Program attendees will receive a primer on influencer disclosure requirements, related legal obligations directly applicable to brands, and what brands can do within their own organization to limit liability from influencer partnerships.

Please visit ANA for more information and registration instructions.