Jared des Rosiers Quoted in RTO Insider on Transmission Challenges in New England

Excerpted from the May 26, 2022 edition of RTO Insider

Pierce Atwood energy law attorney Jared des Rosiers is quoted in an RTO Insider article covering a panel discussion on transmission challenges from the 2022 New England Conference of Public Utilities (NECPUC) Symposium.

Jared, discussing transmission siting issues, stated that opposition to transmission projects has become more political and sophisticated. “These siting processes really are political campaigns. The messaging is messaging of the political process. It’s not so much about the facts and benefits of the project, and what it does in terms of investments or jobs or taxes. It’s soundbites or messages that attract or support or oppose different groups.”

He also said that since there are competitive solicitations for transmission projects, there are new and challenging dynamics, not just “abutters or neighbors or NIMBYs who are stepping up to challenge projects,” adding, “We’ve gone to a competitive process for transmission. By its nature, that means there are winners and losers in the procurement for transmission. Once you lose the solicitation, you may now participate in the siting process in a way that is not necessarily constructive for getting the project sited.”

Jared then called on political leaders in the region to “step up their messaging efforts around building transmission and focus on the process in addition to the policy.”

The complete article by Sam Mintz was published by RTO Insider on May 26, 2022.