Brooks Magratten Quoted in Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly: NELF Sees Boost in Energy Behind Core Principles

In an article discussing the New England Legal Foundation’s history, mission, growth, and future, Pierce Atwood partner Brooks Magratten is quoted in his role on NELF’s Litigation Review Committee.

One particular case that NELF is involved in concerns the federal requirement that owners of Atlantic herring vessels pay the salaries of the monitors they are required to carry on board during their fishing trips. Brooks notes that this obligation, “impacts the Rhode Island economy significantly.” NELF actively calls out business regulations that don’t make sense, and according to Brooks, “this is one such case.”

When NELF does choose to take a position on an issue, it typically has broad support from within the organization, resulting in improved quality of their submitted briefs. “We’ve gotten feedback from several judges that when NELF does weigh in and file a brief, the judges really do sit up and pay attention and read the briefs carefully. That’s wonderful feedback to get,” Brooks stated.

The complete article by Kris Olson can be found in the April 7, 2023 edition of Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly.

Pierce Atwood partner Brooks Magratten has more than 30 years of experience in insurance and commercial litigation and has defended more than 200 ERISA benefit and breach of fiduciary cases in 12 states. Brooks is a member of NELF’s Board of Directors and serves on their Litigation Review Committee.

The New England Legal Foundation is the only nonprofit public interest law firm in the region dedicated to addressing policy and constitutional concerns related to free enterprise. NELF’s ongoing mission is to champion individual economic liberties, traditional property rights, properly limited government, and inclusive economic growth.