The Bay State's $100B Buyout Boom: Mary-Laura Greely and Tim Maguire Quoted in Boston Business Journal

According to the finance software firm Dealogic, there were more more than 400 completed and pending mergers and acquisitions targeting Massachusetts-based companies through mid-November of 2015. According to the Boston Business Journal, that’s the “highest combined deal value on record.”

Fueling this boom might be cheap credit and an improving economy, both locally and nationally, while an “increasingly onerous tax and regulatory climate” has compelled many U.S. companies to seek foreign buyers in locations that have more favorable tax environments. Others may see this economic upswing as not only temporary, but peaked … and the downtimes are on their way.

Mary-Laura Greely, a partner in Pierce Atwood’s Business Practice Group, notes that “the stars are really aligning here,” referring to the cash-flush buyers, the competitive private equity space, and low interest rates.

But with the Federal Reserve hinting at raising interest rates before the end of the year, the good times are not likely to last. Tim Maguire, another business group partner states, “The interest rate increases are going to be quite small in terms of historical norms, but from a psychological standpoint, any time some whispers about a raise, you can see what the markets are doing.”

The entire article appeared in the November 27, 2015 edition of Boston Business Journal.