Permitting for CNG Facility

We partnered with Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) to expand access to compressed natural gas throughout the State of Maine. Pierce Atwood assisted XNG in obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals and environmental permits for a compressed natural gas facility in Baileyville, Maine. The facility will receive natural gas from the M&N pipeline, condition and compress it, and then dispense it into tank trailers made of composite materials. The trailers will then be trucked to customer locations throughout Maine where it will be used primarily as boiler fuel. This is the first facility of its kind in New England, and allows consumers who are not presently served by a gas utility to take advantage of this abundant, clean burning, economic and domestically produced energy resource. Our attorneys successfully led XNG through the process of obtaining approvals from the Public Utilities Commission. We drafted and obtained a town zoning ordinance amendment and successfully navigated permit or exemption issues before the Department of Environmental Protection, the Maine Fuel Board, and the State Fire Marshal. We were also successful in determining that the facility was not subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission jurisdiction.