Peter Guffin and Kyle Glover to Speak at PRISM's 2014 International Data Protection Conference

Sep 18: 9:00 AM - Sep 19: 5:00 PM
Event Host
PRISM International
Chicago, IL

In today’s world, the threats to information security are greater than ever before, and so is regulatory scrutiny over organizational practices. Records and information services management professionals are particularly at risk in light of the large volume of potentially sensitive information with which they are entrusted. This session will provide an overview of the process for implementing an Information Security Program, with an emphasis on the legal requirements and risks.

Peter Guffin, Kyle Glover, and Vanguard Archives President Chris Pearson will provide a soup-to-nuts overview of the process of building and/or improving your organization’s Information Security Program from a legal perspective. Presenters will review important case law and regulations covering the records and information services industry in this area, as well as discuss pitfalls and best practices.