Is Your Company Ready for a Union Ambush?

Is Your Company Ready for a Union Ambush? Union Activity May Increase With “Quickie” Election Rules

The New Rules

The NLRB’s new election rules went into effect in April 2015 and have withstood judicial and legislative challenges.  Under the new rules, the NLRB could direct an election in as little as ten days after the filling of a petition, which can happen with as little as 30% support from employees.  Employers used to have an average of 42 days to respond and react to these petitions. Now, the time to respond is so short that employers must be constantly vigilant about the potential for unionization.

Signs of Unionization: Expect unions to capitalize on these union-friendly rules.  Be on the lookout for:

  • Increase in employee complaints
  • Coworkers gathering contact info
  • Recent unionization in industry
  • Employee meetings after hours
  • Attempts to obtain authorization cards


Train Supervisors and Managers

Front-line supervisors and managers need to recognize signs of union organizing, how to decrease the risk of an organizing drive, and what they can and cannot say in the event of one. Regular training is essential to minimize your risk. 

Be On Constant Alert

Address employee concerns and questions about unions now. You will not have sufficient time to campaign after a petition is filed. If employees have all the facts about unionization, they often vote no!