President Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban Executive Order

President Trump signed a new Executive Order revoking the January 27 Executive Order and replacing it with an Order effective March 16, 2017, bearing the same title. Section 2(c) of the March 6 Executive Order bans entry to the United States for at least 90 days for all nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, provided that (1) the foreign national is outside the US on the effective date of the order (March 16, 2017); (2) did not have a valid visa as of an effective date of the original Order (5 pm EST on January 27, 2017); and does not have a valid visa  as of the effective date of the new Order (12:01 am EDT on March 16, 2017). Section 3(b) of the March 6 Executive Order sets forth various exceptions to the travel ban and Section 3(c) of the March 6 Executive Order contains language authorizing case-by-case waiver of the travel ban based upon a showing  of undue hardship. For a more detailed discussion of the travel ban, visit Business Immigration Under the Trump Administration.