Tim Fisher Presenter at BPLA Program: Best Practices for Patent Clearances and Opinions

The Medical Devices Committee of the Boston Patent Law Association will present a program on best practices for handling patent clearances and opinions. Pierce Atwood patent counsel Timothy V. Fisher will provide a review of the legal standards, and will be joined by in-house attorneys discussing best practices for patent clearances and opinions, including the timing for initiating a clearance study, who to involve in the process, procedures for ensuring product changes are cleared, when to obtain patent opinions, who opinions should addressed to and how they should be delivered, tracking procedures, and document retention. 

Please visit BPLA for more information and registration instructions.

Tim Fisher focuses his practice on patent prosecution and client counseling in the areas of medical devices, electronics, and software. Representing clients of all sizes – from startups to established technology leaders – Tim’s work encompasses a wide range of subjects, including medical imaging, implanted and external defibrillators, computer networks, computer and mobile device hardware, data security, digital health, and voice recognition. Tim is co-chair of the BPLA’s Medical Devices Committee.