Pierce Atwood Hosts Reykjavik University Executive MBA Students

As part of Maine’s ongoing strategy to build business and academic connections with the North Atlantic Region, the Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) is coordinating an incoming delegation of 49 students and administrators from Reykjavik University’s Executive MBA program who will spend the day in Portland for classes and networking activities on Tuesday May 12. The students come from some of Iceland’s leading businesses.

The group is traveling with Professor David Griswold of Boston University and will be welcomed in the morning on Portland’s waterfront at a private portfolio management class hosted by Pierce Atwood LLP.

Students are traveling to New York City, Boston, and Portland for intensive class sessions, business, and outreach visits as part of a final academic experience before graduation. In addition to classes and networking events for the students, Reykjavik University administrators will participate in the visit to explore potential student and faculty exchange programs with Maine colleges and universities. The group will meet on Tuesday with faculty and administration from University of Southern Maine, the University of Maine School of Law, University of New England, and Maine Maritime Academy.

Students will attend presentations by the Maine North Atlantic Development Office and New England Ocean Cluster House, and will be hosted at University of Southern Maine for these presentations and a networking coffee reception with USM MBA students and alumni. The Icelandic steamship company Eimskip will host the students for a private networking event and tour of Portland’s International Marine Terminal in the afternoon.

"As a Metropolitan University, USM is well positioned to help capitalize on and drive innovation based economic development in the region," said USM President David Flanagan.  "We are already engaged with local stakeholders to bolster efforts related to Port developments and we look forward to showcasing these efforts being led by our faculty and MBA students to our guests from Reykjavik University."

The Reykjavík University MBA is an intensive two-year executive program tailored around professionals. Participants receive rigorous training in all aspects of business administration, ranging from accounting to finance to strategy and human resource management. Reykjavik University’s MBA program features professors from leading European and American business schools. All classes are conducted in English.



Administrators visiting from RU’s Executive MBA program include;

Þóranna Jónsdóttir, Dean of the Business Faculty, Reykjavik University thoranna@ru.is

Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdóttir, Program Manager, Executive MBA Program hrafnhildur@ru.is

Halla Hrund Logadóttir Director, Iceland School of Energy (ISE) at Reykjavík University hallal@ru.is

The Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) was formed in 2013 as a program of the Maine International Trade Center and the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development to develop increased trade, investment and arts/cultural and academic exchanges between Maine and the markets of the North Atlantic Region and to develop Maine’s policy space in Arctic affairs.

The New England Cluster House is the result of a combined effort between The Icelandic Ocean Cluster, and Soli DG, Inc. of Maine and MENADO in partnership with the City of Portland. The facility will be an innovation incubator for companies focused on opportunities such as food processing, boat building, energy production, fishing, aquaculture, marine-based biotechnology and biomedical products, pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, retail products, health and wellness, marine technology and applied science. The New England Ocean Cluster House will be commercialization-focused and ocean cluster members will share the goal of utilizing 100 percent of materials harvested from the ocean in their product and technology development, while focusing on higher margins.


Dana Eidsness, Director, Maine North Atlantic Development Office, 207-200-0895, Eidsness@mitc.com