Kathleen Hamann Speaker at Virtual ACI Conference on FCPA & Anti-Corruption for Life Sciences Industry

Pierce Atwood litigation partner Kathleen M. Hamann, a former FCPA prosecutor, will lead a discussion on “The Newest, Unwritten Rules for Third-Party Due Diligence: How to Resolve the Most Industry-Specific Dilemmas.”

Kate will lead attendees through two hypothetical exercises. The first will involve how companies tackle the ongoing challenges related to supply chain and vendor management, including the risks facing drug and medical device companies that distribute products in key high-risk jurisdictions, and managing bribery risks associated with distributing COVID-19 testing products and vaccines. 

The second topic will focus on foreign subsidiaries, and will include a discussion on FCPA diligence in mergers and acquisitions, the extent to which companies are responsible for the conduct of foreign subsidiaries, and upgrading compliance programs post-Novartis.

Please visit the American Conference Institute for more information and registration instructions.

Kathleen Hamann is an internationally recognized authority in the field of white collar enforcement and compliance matters. Drawing on her nearly 20 years of service to the federal government, in roles at the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of State, Kathleen helps clients navigate the complexities of U.S. and transnational criminal liability and multijurisdictional government investigations.