Kathleen Hamann Quoted in Global Investigations Review: DOJ to Send Attorneys Overseas for Sanctions Work

Excerpted from the June 22, 2022 Global Investigations Review article by Janan Hanna.

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is sending three senior attorneys overseas, “in an effort to counter Russian illicit finance and sanctions evasion," and to support the Department of Justice (DOJ) “KleptoCapture task force.”

DOJ recently launched its KleptCapture task force, “in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It seeks to beef up sanctions enforcement and has so far facilitated the seizure of 'superyachts,' dismantled Russian criminal networks, and enforced sanctions violations.”  

Pierce Atwood litigation partner Kathleen Hamann, stated, “Dedicating three people to this — sending someone to Ukraine as well as somebody to Europe and the Middle East —   that’s a notable commitment.” 

Hamann also said she believes that whoever is appointed to go overseas will “undoubtedly be part of the DOJ’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT).”

“The US government in general has long been committed to assisting other countries in fighting kleptocracy,” Hamann said. "This has sharpened because of the invasion and I think they’re putting additional resources to it."

Kathleen Hamann is an internationally recognized authority in the field of white collar enforcement and compliance matters. She represents clients in transnational matters, conducts global risk assessments, designs compliance programs, and addresses multijurisdictional investigations that require navigation of conflicting national laws.