Jim Erwin and Katy Rand Present to Hospitality Maine - What if COVID-19 Strikes My Employees or Guests?

Pierce Atwood partners Jim Erwin and Katy Rand will present to the members of Hospitality Maine on the topic, What if COVID-19 Strikes My Employees or Guests?, on Friday, July 17.  

Program Description

Many businesses have persevered through the pandemic-induced shutdown, the slow reopening, strict rules relating to restarting operations, and (especially for the hospitality industry and the retailers that depend on tourists) significant losses from the absence of customers.  Having done everything you can to reopen safely and in compliance with state and federal guidance, you still face a frightening unknown – what if COVID-19 hits my business?

Jim Erwin and Katy Rand, from law firm Pierce Atwood, tell restaurateurs and innkeepers how to respond if an employee or customer is diagnosed with COVID. In this session you will learn how to deal with a diagnosed employee, more about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) what measures to take on behalf of your staff and customers such as cleaning, contact tracing, stepped-up hygiene and masking, liability risks, and when you might have to shut down altogether.

Presentation Materials