Andrew Kaplan Speaker at EUCI Virtual Program: Energy Storage for T&D Planning and Operations

This course will examine how energy storage can be regarded as a generation asset as it reduces peak load, and a transmission asset as it can move electricity in time, thus reducing congestion. Course presenters will: 

  • Review the transmission and distribution challenges
  • Identify the major components in an Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Discuss project successes and use cases
  • Examine the process that MISO used to determine the changes to their tariff
  • Discuss the potential benefits of dual-use storage
  • Review the different types of energy storage technology
  • Review how to model energy storage for wires applications
  • Discuss how an optimally sized and placed ESS can facilitate many benefits

Please visit EUCI for more information and registration instructions.

Pierce Atwood energy law partner Andrew Kaplan focuses his practice on providers of energy storage, demand response, ancillary services, and electricity and gas transmission and supply, both in the wholesale and retail markets.

EUCI is an accredited corporation that designs focused conferences and training courses for practicing professionals in the energy field as well as other industries.