Kati Gaulkin

Litigation Support Manager
F 207.791.1350

Kati Gaulkin oversees the firm’s Litigation Support Group, which supports the firm’s offices with all aspects of discovery, from document identification and collection through trial. Kati joined Pierce Atwood in 2002 and has specialized in complex litigation for 25 years as a paralegal and electronic discovery specialist. She has extensive knowledge and experience managing large-scale e-discovery projects, developing data collection and review strategies, coordinating with e-discovery service providers, providing user support and training on litigation-specific applications, and assisting with technology in the courtroom.

Kati works directly with clients and acts as a liaison between IT professionals and the legal team to ensure that proper processes and procedures for gathering, producing, and presenting evidence are observed. She consults with the legal team to recommend the most appropriate course of action for a particular e-discovery project with the goal of completing the task as accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. She has broad experience managing complex e-discovery projects that employ state-of-the-art litigation support platforms such as Relativity, Recommind, Clearwell, and Nexidia, which are used by many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. 

Her experience includes the use of predictive coding workflows and outsourced contract review teams, and often involves nontraditional evidence such as social media interactions, recorded telephone lines, proprietary databases, and keylogger software.