What is Integrated Project Delivery, How Has It Worked Well, and Should You Use IPD on Your Next Construction Project?

Jun 14: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Event Host
Pierce Atwood LLP
100 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) utilizes a team-based approach to construction projects where the risks and rewards of a project are shared by all of the stakeholders and, when done right, maximizes efficiency so projects are completed on time and on budget.  Attend this roundtable discussion if you have been following the evolution of IPD but have not quite yet taken the leap to start your first IPD project.  If you have participated in an IPD project, please also attend to share your experiences.  The panelists will discuss their experiences and give practical guidance on whether or not a collaborative delivery method should be used on your next project. 

Join us on June 14 to hear from a panel of construction professional leaders with experience using IPD methods in a variety of recent construction projects in the higher education and health care industries. In addition to learning the fundamentals of using the IPD method on your next construction or development project, we hope you will engage in an active discussion about the use of IPD and/or other collaborative delivery methods. We will wrap up with refreshments.


  • Michael Guglielmo, Jr., Director, Design and Construction at Brown University (Owner’s Perspective)
  • Ellen Belknap, President, President of SMRT Inc. (Design Professional’s Perspective)
  • Joubin Hassanein, Project Executive at Shawmut Design and Construction (Contractor’s Perspective)
  • Michael Balmer, Executive Vice President, Willis Towers Watson (Insurance Perspective)
  • Christopher Whitney, Partner, Pierce Atwood LLP (Legal Perspective)

Please download our white paper, Should You Use Integrated Project Delivery on Your Next Construction Project?