WEBINAR - Bringing Back Your Workforce: How to Create a Customized OSHA Compliant Plan

May 5: 12:00 - 1:15 PM
Event Host
Pierce Atwood LLP

United States

With states beginning to ease up on COVID-19-related restrictions, employers will soon be able to begin scaling back up their on-site operations. We all know this is not as simple as welcoming your employees back to working the way they did. Employers will need to create, implement, and enforce new policies, practices and perhaps even workplace modifications to clamp down on the risk of spreading the coronavirus. How, exactly, should they do this?

This webinar explained why it’s vitally important to have an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan based on OSHA guidance, what the elements of that plan are, and how those elements work with other guidelines, such as from the CDC, to form the foundation for such a plan. Attendees left with an understanding of how to create a customized OSHA-compliant plan for their workplace that will keep employees, customers, and others safe while allowing them to adapt to changing rules and risks in the weeks and months ahead.

Pierce Atwood partners Jim Erwin and Suzanne King guided attendees through the process of creating a plan that’s right for their workplace on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

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