Maine Hazardous Waste and Universal Waste Requirements Training

Jan 20: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Pierce Atwood is excited to offer a one-day hazardous waste and universal waste training course.  The course will provide training on Maine requirements, at $325 per person, with discounts for multiple signups.  We encourage early sign up, as space is limited.

This live training will be conducted in our office on the Portland waterfront. We are pleased to offer this training as an alternative to other training that is longer, or more costly, or that does not focus on Maine requirements.

This course is intended for those who are familiar with the basics of hazardous waste management.  Our detailed training will be conducted in an informal manner, including opportunity for questions and answers, and we will work through the types of questions that typically arise from employees and from government inspectors – including recent enforcement actions and trends.  Our training will include:

  • Federal and state programs, and who enforces when
  • Hazardous waste identification issues, “hidden” issues in waste identification
  • Hazardous waste management issues, including satellite accumulation, strategies, and recent enforcement positions on waste management
  • On-site treatment: treating without a license and when licensing is required
  • Universal waste identification and management
  • Contingency plan requirements and enforcement issues
  • Hazardous waste management and waste minimization programs
  • Training requirements and training issues
  • Spills and clean up, including how and when to report
  • Federal and state hazardous waste and universal waste rulemaking initiatives
  • Manifest issues and DOT rules as they apply to hazardous waste
  • Leading questions of inspectors and how not to fear enforcement

This training will build on your knowledge and teach you how to solve real world problems.

In addition to everything listed above and more, we are continuing our successful and fun game of “Hazardous Waste Jeopardy.”  There is a place on the registration form to indicate your interest in being a contestant.

We continue to offer company-specific on-site training for hazardous waste, universal waste, and the triennial training for U.S. DOT Hazardous Material Transportation for those desiring a cost-effective means to train multiple employees, for those not comfortable training others, and for those who can’t or do not wish to travel.  We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in an on-site training session.

Please find enclosed a Registration Form and details on location and scheduling, driving directions, and parking information.  Lunch will be provided.  Again, if you are interested, please register quickly – last year we were unable to accommodate everyone due to space limitations. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 207-791-1212.

Very truly yours,

Kenneth F. Gray


1. Registration Form

2. Location, Schedule, Directions and Parking