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Appellate Law Blog
www.MaineAppeals.com discusses issues relating to appeals and appellate law in Maine, including the activities and decisions of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and First Circuit Court of Appeals relevant to Maine, and other participants in the Maine appellate community. The blog is authored by Cathy Connors.

Class Action Blog
www.FirstClassDefense.com discusses the decisions of the state and federal courts within the boundaries of the First Circuit. With decades of national class action experience and offices in every First Circuit state, our goal is to serve as a primary resource for companies that face class litigation in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as to provide timely information about significant class action developments, strategies and trends on a national level.

The blog is authored by Don Frederico, John Aromando, Kate Isley, Katy Rand, Josh Dunlap, Mark Rosen, Tom Gilbertsen, and other members of our Class Action Litigation Group.

Health Care Blog
www.HealthcareRoundup covers emerging health care trends and developments from a legal and strategic perspective. Our health care attorneys are tracking the Affordable Care Act, value-based reimbursement, telemedicine, e-health, and related topics to help companies plan for future changes in the health care system. This blog is authored by Christine Burke Worthen, co-chair of Pierce Atwood’s Healthcare Services Practice Group.

Real Estate Blog
Massachusetts Dirt and Development Law, www.massdirtlaw.com focuses on the legal landscape in Massachusetts - the court decisions, legislation, regulatory changes, and policy debates that affect the use and development of land in the Bay State. The blog is authored by Donald R. Pinto, Jr.

Pierce Pages
www.pierceatwood.com/pierce-pages is a firmwide blog where attorneys and others can offer insight and information on various law firm practices, industries, and disciplines.

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