Why Study Privacy Law? Peter Guffin Authors Article in Maine Bar Journal

Peter J. Guffin, Chair of Pierce Atwood’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group and a professor teaching privacy law at University of Maine School of Law, shares his insights into why law students should consider studying privacy law, and attorneys should devote more time to learning about privacy.

Peter points to the increasing demand for legal services in the privacy field, in government and the private sector, in both the US and overseas. Also, privacy law, coupled with the “explosion” of new data protection laws and regulations enacted over the last several decades, touches on nearly every other aspect of a general law practice.

Peter notes that whether an attorney’s practice involves commercial business transactions, M&A, health care, financial services, employment, immigration, or IP (to name a few), “privacy issues abound,”  and “lawyers need to be able to recognize these issues and know when to seek additional expertise.”

Please click here to read Peter’s complete article, “Why Study Privacy Law” as it appeared in Volume 33, Winter/Spring 2018 of the Maine Bar Journal.