NIST's Privacy Engineering Report – Building a Bridge Connecting Information Privacy and Security Professionals

In his blog on the University of Maine School of Law website, Peter Guffin discusses the recently published internal report of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) titled, “An Introduction to Privacy Engineering and Risk Management in Federal Systems.”

According to Peter, “the report, which provides a frame of reference for identifying privacy risks and a model for privacy risk analysis that has been lacking in the privacy field, is an important first step toward bringing more rigor and discipline (dare one say science) to privacy risk management and closing the communication gap between privacy and security professionals. It also underscores the mutual responsibility of privacy and security professionals to work together in designing, altering, or integrating systems containing PII."

Please click here to read more about the NIST report on information privacy and data security. Peter Guffin is Chair of Pierce Atwood’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group and a visiting professor at the University of Maine School of Law.