An Investigation in Sheep’s Clothing: Multilateral Development Bank “Audits” – Kate Hamann Authors Article in ABA Forum on Construction Law Newsletter

Pierce Atwood litigation partner Kathleen Hamann, an internationally recognized authority in the field of white collar enforcement and compliance matters, notes that enforcement actions against international construction companies have been on the rise in recent years, culminating in the headline-grabbing $3.5 billion joint U.S./Brazilian action against Odebrecht S.A. in late December 2016.

In addition, enforcement actions against construction companies by the multilateral development banks (MDBs, such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) have risen sharply, often putting companies out of business.

In this article published in the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law’s “Under Construction” newsletter, Kate provides recommendations and guidelines for construction companies in case they receive a letter from an MDB saying they’re about to be “audited.”