Don Frederico Presenter and Moderator at American Bar Association's 2015 Class Actions National Institute

At this annual ABA conference for litigation and class action lawyers, Pierce Atwood litigation partner Donald R. Frederico will present an all-new advanced “Class Actions 201” program, where participants will learn how to prepare a class certification packet - including a class certification brief, proposed trial plan, proposed class certification order, and opposition brief – as well as Rule 23(f) petitions and appellate briefing.

In addition, Don will moderate a panel of attorneys and legal educators discussing the effect of Supreme Court decisions on class action issues. Do federal judges feel bound by Supreme Court rulings they disagree with, or are some judges apt to march to their own drumbeats? Do the Supreme Court’s rulings set the direction for class action litigation, or are the Court’s rulings merely markers that lower courts allude to on the way to exercising their own decision-making?

According to the ABA, the goal of this conference is for lawyers to learn “valuable, real, and practical information about the most important class-action topics and trends” and to help grow their practices “by recognizing class-action opportunities.”

Please visit the American Bar Association Class Actions National Institute brochure for more information.