Dr. Reza Sadr focuses on counseling companies of varying sizes in planning and developing their patent portfolios in the U.S. or in foreign countries, and in different high-tech areas such as those related to his educational background in physics or his prior experience as a software engineer. He also assists in litigations involving patent infringement and validity disputes.

Reza has counseled clients, drafted patent applications, or prosecuted such applications in a variety of subjects including mobile devices and their text entry mechanisms, lighting and LED systems, wireless charging, wireless communication, medical devices, packaging, defibrillators, robotics, silicon wafers, semiconductor films, thin film transistors, displays such as 3D displays, printers, audio-video data storage, fault tolerant busses or nodes, opto-electronics, interferometers, optical storage, lasers, audio devices, nano-technology, high frequency circuits, and electrical storage devices such as lead-acid batteries, fuel cells, or solar cells using quantum tunneling.

He has also counseled clients, and drafted or prosecuted applications for inventions involving business methods, software, or systems in various areas such as statistical analysis of data and models, financial portfolio optimization, financial transactions, subterranean channel detection, online reputation, email, bill generation, credit management, web-based ordering, video streaming, image processing, optical Fourier transforms, Fourier imaging, intrusion detection in communication networks, fraud detection, managing regulatory data, utilizing social games in clinical trials, organizing medical information, and task scheduling.

Prior to entering the field of patent law, Reza gained eight years of experience in the software industry; between 1998 and 2006 he worked at EMC2 Corporation at various roles including as a principal software engineer and as a test automation team manager. He is skilled in process automation and the implementation of automation software; modeling software and physical systems; database design; design and implementation of software performance measurement; and software implementation in perl, java, html, C++, C, and Fortran.

Immediately prior to joining Pierce Atwood, Dr. Sadr was an Associate at the Boston office of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP.


  • Worked at EMC2 Corporation, an international hardware and software engineering organization, where he served as principal software engineer and software development manager on a variety of projects, 1998-2006.
  • As a Ph.D. student and research assistant at Boston University: conducted research on the physical phenomenon of phases and phase transitions, specifically the anomalies of liquid water and melting of size-dispersed solids, using physical analysis and computer simulation, modeling, and graphics; researched and published papers in prestigious peer reviewed physics journals on these topics and a range of other topics, including neural networks, roughening in surface growth and sputtering, and genetic code; and attended numerous national and international conferences to present his research findings.

Honors & Distinctions

  • PAIR 2014 Outstanding Pro Bono Detention Attorney Award
  • Suffolk Law School: third year rank: first in class of 127, 2009-2010 and first year rank: first among 94 in section, 2007-2008: Academic Leadership Scholarship: Jurisprudence Awards in Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Commercial Paper, and Evidence; and Law Practice Skills’ First Year Best Brief Award.
  • American Physical Society’s student scholarship for the International Conference on Computational Physics in Santa Clara, 1997
  • NSF scholarship for the 19th International Conference on Statistical Physics in Xiamen, China, 1995

Professional Activities

  • Boston Patent Law Association (New Lawyers Committee Co-Chair, 2012-2015 and Invented Here! Co-Chair, 2012-2013)
  • Boston's Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project, Pro Bono Attorney
  • Boston Women's Bar Association, Battered Women Project, Pro Bono Attorney
  • SBANE, Smaller Business Association of New England - Technology & Innovation Committee member


  • Co-author, USPTO Gives Us a White Rabbit, Leading Examiners Into Alice’s Wonderland, Boston Patent Law Association, Spring 2015
  • Co-author, Slaying the Jaberwock of Patent Eligibility — Patent Practice Issues and Suggestions in a post-Alice World, Boston Patent Law Association, Winter 2014 
  • Co-author, Liquid State Anomalies for the Stell-Hemmer Core-Softened Potential, Physical Review Letters, 1998
  • Co-author, Water-Like Anomalies for Core-Softened Models of Fluids: One Dimension, Physical Review E, 1999
  • Co-author, The Puzzle of Liquid Water: A Very Complex Fluid, Physica D 133, 1999
  • Co-author, The Puzzling Statistical Physics of Liquid Water, Physica A, 1998
  • Co-author, Dispersity-Driven Melting transition in Two-Dimensional Solids, Physical Review Letters, 1997
  • Co-author, Avalanches and the Directed Percolation Depinning Model: Experiments, Simulations and Theory, Physical Review E, 1995
  • Co-author, Surface Roughening with Quenched Disorder in High Dimensions: Exact Results for the Cayley Tree, Physical Review E2, 1995