Managing Risk & Compliance

Pierce Atwood offers power marketing clients several fixed fee service options to help them meet ISO/RTO risk policy requirements and establish internal risk controls associated with energy trading in the ISO/RTO markets.

Risk Policy 

We offer an ISO risk policy that has been reviewed by multiple ISOs/RTOs, including PJM and NYISO. Our services cover:

  • One federal risk policy covering a company’s trading across several ISOs and multiple affiliates
  • Modifications to the policy for a company’s unique needs, structures, and procedures

Compliance Training

We offer an in-person or webinar-based compliance training program for a flat fee plus travel costs if done in-person. Topics include:

  • Review of major FERC compliance requirements
  • Discussion of current trends in FERC enforcement, including issues to avoid
  • Step-by-step review of FERC risk and compliance manuals with traders

Compliance Program Package

We also offer a package that ensures our clients meet requirements for a formal compliance program along with annual compliance training. This package also serves as proof of a robust compliance program as a mitigating factor in the event of a FERC investigation. Our services include:

  • Development of a compliance manual, which will set forth the company’s detailed compliance program
  • Development of an antitrust manual
  • One in-person or webinar-based compliance training (as described above)
Ruta Skučas on Risk and Compliance