Supporting New Businesses: The New England Ocean Cluster House

The New England Cluster House will be located in Portland, Maine and is the result of a combined effort between The Icelandic Ocean Cluster, North Atlantic Assets & Soli DG, Inc. of Maine and MENADO, an initiative of the Maine International Trade Center.

“MENADO has been working diligently to increase trade and investment opportunities between Maine and the Nordic region, and to help develop Maine’s policies surrounding Arctic affairs,” says Chris Howard, Chair of MENADO’s Board of Directors and a Pierce Atwood attorney. “The New England Cluster House is one example of the types of opportunities MENADO would like to bring to the state. The cluster model has generated positive results, including economic growth in other countries, and the New England Ocean Cluster will follow suit, empowering people from our region to grow their ideas into profitable businesses that create new jobs and stimulate our economy.”

“Having the New England Ocean Cluster House in Maine will position Maine as a leader in Ocean Cluster enterprise and commercialization in the Northeast,” said MENADO Director Dana Eidsness. “It will give us a seat at the table with the North Atlantic Ocean Cluster Alliance, where we can innovate and share cluster formation and commercialization best practices with Ocean Clusters in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, the Faroe Islands—and with our neighbors in Canada. We will instantly be plugged into a dynamic international network that drives economic development using local resources. Maine has just the right mix of entrepreneurs and ocean resource partners to make this a success in the U.S.”

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