Practice Philosophy

At Pierce Atwood, our success is built on three core strengths: attracting and retaining superb legal talent, achieving superior client satisfaction, and delivering exceptional value. We understand that our clients want practical and timely legal solutions from someone who understands their business. We also understand that clients want responsiveness and efficiency in delivery of legal services. Our goal is to deliver all of these.

We have both a cost structure and a partnership system that allows us to put our clients first in all instances and to offer a reasonable and rational rate structure, including fee arrangements not based on hourly billing. Because, unlike so many firms, we do not reward our attorneys for "originations" or for hoarding work, but reward them instead for teamwork and collaboration, our clients get the right lawyer for the right job.

We have 130 attorneys with offices throughout New England, in Washington DC and Stockholm, Sweden, all of whom work together on client projects. With our talent and our technology, we can provide legal solutions successfully nationwide and internationally.

Partnering for Excellence

We believe in partnering with our clients, working hard, and in understanding their business. We have an unwavering commitment to top quality service and strong client relationships. We pride ourselves on providing creative legal advice and solutions that are also practical. At Pierce Atwood each client has a Responsible Attorney whose job it is to see that we are providing superior and responsive service for the client at all levels. While clients often develop relationships with a number of firm attorneys and work directly with them, the Responsible Attorney gives the client a main point of contact and communication with the firm.

We are highly ethical in our client representation; we take conflicts of interest very seriously; and we devote considerable resources to ensuring that all confidential client information remains confidential.

Bottom line, our goal is to provide the best legal service possible to our clients.

Value Proposition

Offering a "value proposition" has become very popular among law firms. But it's not really the name that matters; it's the substance and service provided to our clients. Our value proposition is very simple. We have some of the best lawyers in the country who, because of our lower cost structure, have very reasonable rates. We have partners in the firm who have successfully served Fortune 100 companies in the most complex of matters, whose rates are often lower than associate rates at metropolitan firms.

In addition, because of our culture, we get your work to the right attorney, both in terms of expertise, industry knowledge and experience level, and we staff leanly. We do not "pour it on," so to speak. The result is great service and great results at a fair price. That's our value proposition.

Depth & Breadth

We have 130 attorneys in the firm and provide a broad array of services. We don't do everything, but what we do, we do well.

Not only do we have strong expertise and bench strength in key areas such as corporate, litigation, real estate, intellectual property & technology, energy and environmental, but we offer holistic, rather than siloed, services and solutions. So for example, a client who has a privacy issue will be able to call upon not just an attorney who has privacy expertise, but one who has privacy expertise in its industry, and one who has seen the issue not just from a transactional standpoint, but from a litigation standpoint as well. In any given situation, this may be one attorney or it may be three who are working together, but in all cases, it provides a complete solution for our clients.

Guiding Principles

Our success depends upon the value we provide our clients. Our culture has long been a key factor in our ability to provide that value. To acknowledge this important connection, we have distilled our culture into a set of Guiding Principles, which we are pleased to publish here. Pierce Atwood LLP has a century-long history of outstanding achievement. The firm's current success is due in great part to our distinctive culture and strong guiding principles. Preservation of our client-oriented, one-firm culture and guiding principles is a key part of our strategy for future success.

Client Services

  • We provide the highest quality services to our clients.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • We treat each client as a key client of the firm, meriting the highest level of service.
  • We embrace innovative ideas and continuous improvement.


  • We have high expectations of ourselves.
  • We seek to preserve a one firm culture.
  • We respect and trust each other.
  • We seek to create a welcoming, caring and enjoyable workplace that promotes diversity.
  • We are committed to professional development for all team members.
  • We recognize the contributions of each team member.
  • We value open communication.
  • We expect to be held accountable.


  • We are involved in our communities.
  • We recognize the importance of balance in our personal and professional lives.