Energy Storage: Representative Matters

SustainX: We negotiated with a utility to ensure that our client’s compressed air technology could operate on the system.

Beacon Power Corporation: We worked with ISOs/RTOs to develop tariffs for FERC’s approval that established a category of ancillary service providers for companies providing fast-responding Frequency Regulation. As a result of the implementation of these tariffs, flywheels and batteries were permitted to bid competitively for specific ancillary services.

Beacon Power Corporation/Beacon Power LLC: We worked with ISOs/RTOs to design tariffs for FERC’s approval that allow limited energy storage resources to be compensated for the mileage they perform on the grid. FERC Order No. 755 has been touted as revolutionary in the energy storage industry. 

Energy Storage Association: We represent the Association before FERC on matters including station power costs and wholesale distribution charges.

RES-Americas:  We advocate for RES-Americas before FERC and state initiatives to help ensure the use of our client’s battery systems on the grid.

Via Science:  We are assisting this predictive analytics company to provide reliability services for grid operators.

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