Creating Opportunity

Savings jobs is a huge priority in difficult economic times. The towns of Millinocket and East Millinocket were rocked to the core when the paper mills stopped running. The region faced the highest unemployment rate in Maine. Pierce Atwood, in collaboration with The State of Maine and the Seller, rolled up their sleeves and went to work. A complex acquisition and financing solution resulted in The Great Northern Paper Company turning the machines back on - and restoring hundreds of jobs to the region.

Pierce Atwood attorneys in our Real Estate, BusinessEnvironmental and Government Relations groups worked tirelessly to make this deal come to fruition, meeting the needs of The State of Maine, the Buyer and the business community at hand.  Others attempted to make this deal happen. But Pierce Atwood got it done.

The community of the two Millinocket towns has something to feel optimistic about again. That's something everyone feels good about.

125 Years